Top Sports Resources

* (for information about investigative sports reporting and Computer Assisted Reporting)

*Websites on steroids (from IRE, Mark Fainaru-Wada, reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle)

*Data Sources (from IRE- MaryJo Sylwester, Sports Database Editor from the USA Today) (high school participation surveys) (all high school associations) (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Data- about participation numbers, numbers and average salaries for      coaches, revenues, and expenditures for all colleges and universitites) (NCAA summary reports about how money is spent towards Student Athletes) (Hall of Fame directories) (Often sports business is conducted by publicly traded companies. Here you can see endorsement deals, stadium information, and 10-K filings)

*Web Resources (from IRE, Carl Prine, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review & MaryJo Sylwester, St. Paul Pioneer Press) (The Sociology of Sports Online edition) (Elias Sports Bureau- great site for statistics) ( Stats, Inc. collects unique data sets that are used by some teams to develop strategies. Has statistics for all sports) (Sports Business Daily online edition- looks at connection between money and sports) (Contributors are economics professors at American and Canadian universities) (Legal aspects of athletics) (Baseball statistics) (Statistics and commentary about NFL football) (the "Killer Stat" for football) (Most important stats from 1960 to present for NFL) (Box scores for NFL games) (College football box scores) (NBA stat analysis) (Hockey statistics) (Soccer commentary) (Real Sports and Inside the NFL) (ESPN's Outside the Lines) (Listing of 8,500+ stadiums in the world, including capacity, location, building information and photos)